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The building trends of tomorrow are within your reach with new upgrades


Your lifestyle and priorities are the cornerstone of our building approach

More Room and Income

Make the most of your space
Smaller in size, no need to purchase additional land
Can convert existing space
Offers flexible housing solutions
Guest House
Place aging parents to remain with families
Recreational Room
Add extra space for that office, art studio, or gym you’ve always dreamt of
Surplus Income
generate revenue
Increase home value
an additional room will up your homes value
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Are you looking to increase the size of your home and improve the exterior appearance? An answer to this is a room addition or an ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit). In addition to expanding the size of your home, but an extra room can significantly increase the appearance of your existing home, functionality, and overall monetary value. The new additional space yields so many opportunities for you and your family.

We offer the best financial solutions, hand-tailored to suit your budget and meet your goal.

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Room additions are the most realistic, cost-effective solution for homeowners wanting to make the most of the existing space they have without having to take dramatic measures such as buying and selling your home. Our team of designers and architects are highly experienced and knowledgeable with many years in the field are well versed in the guidelines and limitations, allowing us to navigate this project easily so you rest at ease. From consultation to design and pre-construction Sonny Builders is here to assist you in making important decisions and obtaining all the necessary permits to start.

A room addition will not only add extra space, this will make your home a more comfortable space to live, and grow while making long lasting memories to come.

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